What Is an ACS Student Loan?

An ACS student loan is a very common student loan. ACS stands for Affiliated Computer Services. This is a company that is the Federal Government's primary lending source. The vast majority of student loans that are done through the Federal Government go through ACS. This makes it highly likely that you will deal with ACS at some point if you are in the market for a student loan. Here are the basics of ACS student loans and how they work.

How They Work

Although you are technically working with ACS for your student loan, you will still be dealing with the government as well. The Federal Government will still be guaranteeing the loan just as you originally were told. ACS will just be administering the loan for them. They take care of all of the billing, collections, and other day-to-day tasks that the government does not want to handle. 

With this type of student loan, they are typically very easy to handle. You can access your accounts online and manage them quickly. You can make payments online and see your account balances. You can even apply for ACS student loans online as well. 

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