What is a Dental School Loan?

A dental school loan covers the cost of tuition to a dental school program. Some dental school loans will also assist in living expenses while a student is in school. Whether living expenses are covered or not depends on the loan program.

Tuition Only Programs

Tuition only loans transfer funds directly from the lender to the graduate school. These loans never hit the student's account. They cover only the cost of tuition for a given term. As such, they are distributed at the beginning of each term. For example, a graduate Stafford Loan goes straight to the college in the amount needed to cover tuition for one term.

Cost of Living Programs

Private lenders offer loans to help with living costs during graduate school. Some only cover the cost of rooming and books. Others, though, can be used to pay for groceries, entertainment and other expenses. One option is to take several forms of student loans to handle various expenses. For example, a low-rate tuition only loan can pay the cost of attending school, a personal loan can cover the cost of rent, and a credit card can pay for additional expenses incurred during the course of the year.

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