A student loan is a lending vehicle designed to help people pay for the pursuit of higher education. This type of funding can be used for accredited colleges and universities and also some trade and technical schools. Money garnered through a student loan is generally available for use to pay for such things as tuition, books, room and board and other educational-related expenses. While a student loan can be an important door opener for higher education, it should be the option of last resort. Before settling on going the student loan route, it is wise to consider other options such as private pay, scholarships and grants. These things can help keep future debt at a minimum.

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Student Loan Advice for Parents

Most people today cannot afford to fully fund the entire cost of college or graduate school without a student loan. A few very exceptional... »

Will wage garnishment for my student loan affect my credit?

Wage garnishment to repay your student loan will occur only after you have defaulted on the debt. As a result of the default, your... »

How much of my paycheck will wage garnishment take for my student loan?

The amount of student loan wage garnishment taken from your paycheck each month will depend on factors discussed during a court proceeding. Those factors... »

Can I apply for a student loan if I've had wage garnishment to repay a previous student loan?

You can apply for a new loan after student loan wage garnishment, but you will find securing the loan at reasonable terms very difficult.... »

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