Student Loan Repayment: What is Military Service Deferment?

A military service deferment is a temporary suspension of the repayment plan for your federal student loans, which you can apply for if you are called into active military duty or National Guard service. During your military service deferment period, you will not have to make payments on your loan. In some cases, you also will not be charged interest. 

Qualifying For Military Service Deferment 

To qualify for military service deferment, you must be a member of either the United States military or the National Guard, and you must be serving on active duty during a war or other military operation or assisting during a national emergency. Your deferment would only cover the period you are actively serving on duty, plus an additional 180 days following your demobilization from service. In some rare cases, a lender may determine military service alone is not enough cause to defer a borrower’s payments; but most service personnel will qualify. 

Applying For Military Service Deferment 

Contact your lender for a copy of the Military Service Deferment Request Form. This is a simple form asking for details on your service-–the length of duty, your branch of the military, and the like. You will also have to include a copy of your orders or a letter from your commanding officer. Simply complete the form and mail it to your lender.

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