Student Loan Discharge Explained

Getting a student loan discharge is possible, but you will have to fall into a limited number of categories. Here are the basics of student loan discharges.

Student Loan Discharge

With a student loan discharge, you will be able to get your debt forgiven by the federal government. This means that you will no longer have to make payments and the debt will no longer be on your credit report.


There are a few different situations that would release you from your student loan debt. First, if you pass away, your student loans are going to be discharged. Another situation that could result in your student loans being discharged is if you become permanently disabled. In order to prove that you are permanently disabled, you will have to provide the proper medical documentation to your lender.

If you are going to a college or university that suddenly goes out of business, you will be able to have your student loans discharged. This applies if you are currently enrolled in the institution or if you have left the institution within the last 90 days.

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