Student Loan Deferment for Military Personnel on Active Duty

Student loan deferment involves a temporary halt on monthly payments on a student loan. Military personnel will find there are a few options available to them if they are on active duty and cannot keep up with payments.

Deferment of Military Loans

Military personnel are eligible for a variety of student loan deferment programs. There are, however, two main deferment options for student loan repayment available only to military personnel. They are:

A service deferment – This type of deferment is available to active duty personnel who have received educational funding through the Direct Loan, FFEL or Perkins Loan programs. This type of student loan deferment is available while a person is serving on active duty during a military operation, national emergency or war. National Guard duty may also qualify.

Post-active duty deferment – This type of student loan deferment is open to reservists and National Guard members who have been called into active duty while enrolled in school or within six months of having been enrolled. The deferment eligibility period covers 13 months following the conclusion of active duty or until the person returns to school.

What Happens to Interest?

Student loan deferment does not necessarily stop the accrual of interest even for military personnel. Whether this will be frozen in place or not depends on whether the student has subsidized or unsubsidized student loans.

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