Student Loan Consolidation

Student loan consolidation is designed to roll multiple loans into a single vehicle for repayment. Consolidation is often sought out to keep monthly payments as low as possible and also to reduce overall interest owed on loans. While consolidation used to be offered through government-backed agencies, like Sallie Mae, this is no longer the case. Graduates do still have some options available to them, however. When student loan consolidation is desired now, graduates will need to look at private lenders to help. This can have pros and cons. A private loan might offer lower interest and a single payment, for example, but it likely will not include built-in forbearance time on repayment.

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Choosing a Student Loan Consolidation Lender

Choosing the right student loan consolidation lender is a very important decision. There is no question that it often makes sense to consolidate student... »

Low Interest Student Loan Consolidation: How to Get It

Low interest student loan consolidation is a good idea for most borrowers. Low interest student consolidation loans often mean lower payments for the borrower.... »

Student Loan Consolidation Rules and Limitations

Student loan consolidation provides a way for many former students to improve their financial situations. Combining multiple federal loans into a single loan has... »

How will PLUS loan consolidation affect my credit?

A PLUS loan consolidation may raise your credit score. When you consolidate, your current loans are paid in full. Your credit score will go... »

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