Student Loan Consolidation: How to Choose Your Lender

Student loan consolidation information is a critical component of graduation.  It is important to take a hard look student loan debt after school is completed and begin to analyze repayment terms and consolidation loans. Many students can acquire substantial debt along the way to graduation for tuition, books and other school expenses. In order to keep everything simple, a student can apply for a debt consolidation loan and make one payment for all of your loans, instead of paying many smaller loans. So, how do we make things simple and find the right lender?

Important Student Loan Consolidation Information

There are quite a few offers out there, and it can be highly beneficial to  research as many as possible.

A few important questions to ask your potential lender:

  • Are there any special incentives?
  • Is there a waiting period?
  • What are the penalties for missing a payment or deferring?
  • Are they reputable and informed?
  • How long have they been in businesses?
  • Are they in the habit of selling off their loans?

Become Informed

Become an informed borrower and study your options. Research and use those student skills you acquired in college.  Arm yourself with all of the student loan consolidation information you can find.

The first step is to research and become knowledgeable about your current loans. What are your current interest rates, penalties and terms? Find out everything you can about your current loans and lenders. Take detailed notes. You will need them later. When speaking to your current lenders, ask them if they offer consolidation benefits if stay with them?  Sometimes, they will offer discounts on fees for keeping your loan with them.

Once you have the informatin you need on your loans, research lenders on the Internet. Go to any search engine and type student loan consolidation information. Your search should provide you with a plethora of lenders to choose from.  Start with number one and go from there.

Next, you should go to your school/college and find out which companies they recommend and why. While there, ask former classmates who they have their loans with and what their satisfaction rating is and why.  You can also ask your bank for loan options and ask for discounts or incentives.  Don't forget to ask everyone what their rates and fees are.  Take every piece of advice with a grain of sand and research, research, research.  Plan on spending time online and/or on the phone.

Time to Decide

Once you have your student loan consolidation information, look it all over and study your options. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Which lender has the lowest payment option?
  • Best interest rate?
  • The biggest incentive?
  • What do the fees look like?
  • What are my payment terms?

Remember, whatever option you choose, you will commit to the lender for the long haul! You have what it takes to get the work done, after all, you got through school.  It's not difficult to find the consolidation options that best fits your budget comfortably.

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