Required Documentation for Private Student Loans

Although federal student loans require minimal documentation, the same cannot be said of private student loans. A private lender will want extensive documentation in order to assess the potential risks of lending to you.

Credit Report

By reviewing your credit report, a private student loan lender can determine how likely you are to repay the debt. Your loan officer will examine your payment histories to previous creditors and take your overall credit score into consideration. If you have a poor or limited credit history, a co-signer may be necessary to gain approval for a private student loan.


Your lender wants to make absolutely certain that you are who you claim to be and will likely want copies of a photo ID along with a copy of your Social Security card. Depending on the financial institution granting the loan, your loan officer may also request personal references.

Proof of Employment

Your lender wants assurance that you have the income to repay the loan. Even if your private lender doesn't expect you to begin repaying your student loan until after you graduate, you need to be able to prove your ability to repay the loan now in the event you fail to complete your education. Some lenders will waive this requirement if you have a co-signer. For more information, please see Private Student Loan Requirements.

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