Private Undergraduate Student Loans

Private undergraduate student loans are lent out through for-profit organizations that incorporate many factors before awarding a loan, such as the student's credit worthiness.

What Are Private Undergraduate Student Loans?

Private undergraduate student loans are subsidized and the lender is a profit organization that intends to benefit from the lending process. Many times these loans are utilized with a federal student loan to cover tuition and any other additional expenses.

Before Getting a Private Undergraduate Student Loan

There are many things to keep in mind before embarking on getting a private undergraduate student loan:

  • For private undergraduate student loans, the amount that can be loaned is more varied and depends on your credit history and the repayment plan.
  • For longer loan periods, you need to factor in the interest rates, since you can end up accruing a large amount of interest over the years.
  • If you have other outstanding loans you might want to consider consolidating them before getting another student loan. It is better to clear all your outstanding loans before getting a private undergraduate student loan.

Are Private Loans a Good Idea?

Private undergraduate student loans should be considered primarily an alternative to federal student loans, or if you've already borrowed up to the yearly maximum for government subsidized loans. The main problem with private student loans is that you do not get a locked-in interest rate and they are usually higher than federal student loan rates.

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