How to Fill Out Forms for Student Loan Forgiveness

If you plan to apply for the student loan forgiveness program offered by the federal government, you need to fill out the specific forms designed for this program. You can secure the forms from the Department of Education, the school where you attended, or your loan holder.

Teacher Student Loan Forgiveness

To apply for the "Teacher Student Loan Forgiveness" program, request for Form OMB No. 1845-0059. Once you have the form, follow these simple steps as your guide on how to fill out the corresponding form:

  1. Begin by filling out the "borrower's information" section. This part collects your personal information like your Social Security Number, full name, physical address (including city, state, and zip code), home phone number, other available phone like a cell phone's number or any number where you can be contacted, and your email address.

  2. Before filling out and completing Section 2, read Sections 5, 6, 7, and 8 first. These sections constitute very important information like the terms and conditions, definitions of related terms, and eligibility requirements for the loan forgiveness application.

  3. After reading the above-mentioned sections, proceed to Section 2. This portion gathers the information about your application. Under the "loan forgiveness request" portion, you are only required to mark one box with a check sign. Mark the box that applies to your teaching experience. Meanwhile, below the "previous loan forgiveness information" choices, only a single box is also required to be checked. If you marked the second box, supply all the required data about your loan holder including the forgiveness amount granted to you. You can either type the information or write it using a pen with dark ink.

  4. Affix your signature to certify that you have understood and agreed to the terms and conditions of the program. Supply the current date in MM-DD-YYYY format. Example: 11-09-2009.

  5. Section 3 needs to be filled out by the Chief Administrative Officer of the school where you served as a teacher. If you worked at more than one educational institution, you also need to secure the person/s certification in a separate paper. Make sure that the officer supplied all the required information which include: the start and end dates of your teaching service, school's name, address, telephone number, country (if located abroad), officer's name, title and signature. The person's name and title should be "printed."

Child Care Provider Student Loan Forgiveness

To apply for the child care provider student loan forgiveness, use Form OMB No. 1854-0057. Here's how to fill out the form.

  1. Fill out and complete Section 1 which is about your personal basic information.

  2. Read and understand fully the provisions written on the whole form before you proceed to Section 2.

  3. Move on to Section 2 which is the student loan forgiveness request and certifications. Check one box that applies to your educational attainment. Write in sequence the date you finished your associate or bachelor's degree on the boxes provided as MM-DD-YYYY.

  4. Sign the "borrower's signature" space as an acknowledgment of your agreement to the program's terms.

  5. Section 3 of the form should be filled out and completed by the director or owner of the child care facility where you worked. If you served at more than one facility, provide another certification from other directors or owners in separate papers. Double check the information provided by the person. Make sure that everything is correct including the first and last date you rendered your child care service to the organization. Most importantly, see to it that they appended their signatures on the paper.


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