How Military Service Can Help Pay Off Student Loans

After graduating, within 6 to 9 months, your student loans become due. Do you know how you are going to pay them? Did you know there is a way to get these student loans totally forgiven? Consider enlisting in the military. Each branch has a program that will forgive most or all of your student loans. How and what loans they will help cover is different for each branch.

A lot of opportunities

Any branch of the military offers tuition assistance opportunities. There are a number of opportunities to further you career and help with those mounting student loans. You may even find the perfect fit for your college career and after college career. Explore each branch, choose the one that will offer the right fit for you and your career goals.

What each branch offers

  • Reserve Officers Training Corps., ROTC, helps with degree programs. You can join without committing the first year. For the full scholarship, a student must enroll in a military science course and commit to joining the ROTC after you are finished with school. 
  • They Army has a loan repayment program, LRP. This is offered when you enlist. The Army will cover up to $65,000 of your student loan. Contact your local recruiter for all the details.
  • The Navy also pays up to $65,000 of your post secondary student loans. All active Navy personnel qualify for the student loan assistance.
  • The Air Force college loan repayment program. If you have not been in any other branch of the service. You must sign up when you enlist. The maximum student loan payout is $10,000. 
  • The Marine Corps offers a full tuition program for off duty education. It is required that you remain in service for 2 years after you get your degree.
  • Reserve units. All branches that offer a reserve unit will have different tuition assistance programs. They may pay a lesser part of your student loans, but it just might be a better fit for your future career and family goals. A student who already has a family, or will be having one soon, could really benefit from joining a Reserve Unit.

Make the right choice

Contact recruiters from the branch or branches you are interested in. Be sure to ask about student loan repayment when talking to recruiters. Do some research before you commit to anything. Don't always take the recruiters word for what is offered. Check on your own for student loan specific programs. Be very sure you make the right choice for you and your educational goals. Even the military will tell you to make sure you have it writing.

Each branch of the military offers student loan assistance. Some specify what courses and degrees you may get assistance for. How much they will cover will depend on the policies of each. This is an awesome opportunity to get your education, serve your country, and start a rewarding career.




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