FAFSA Defined

FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This is a universal form that you fill out for any college or university you may be attending. It will determine whether you qualify for grants, like the Pell grant, and federal student loans. The school will also use this form to match you to any scholarships for which you may be eligible.


To be eligible for federal aid, you must meet certain criteria. You must have graduated high school or received a GED. If you are male, you must have registered with the Selective Service. You can't have any drug convictions, and you must be a United States citizen.

How to Compete the FAFSA

The FAFSA is a lengthy form that needs to be completed online or using a paper form. You will need to provide personal information like your Social Security number, date of birth and parents' assets and income. You  may be asked to supply your parents' tax returns also. If you choose to complete the form online, you will register for a pin that you will use every time you access the application. You will need to complete a new application every year that you need financial aid.

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