Drowning in Student Loan Payments? How Income-Based Repayment Can Help

Income based repayment is a program that many student loan provider have that can be very beneficial. With the high costs of a secondary education, most people are left with some extremely large student loan balances. With this amount of money being borrowed before you even have a job, it can sometimes lead to financial problems in the future. Here is some information to consider about income based repayment on student loans and how they work. 

Flexible Loans

Student loans present you with several advantages over traditional loans that you can find in the marketplace. The interest rate is usually very reasonable compared to any other loan type that you could get. However, sometimes the payment is still too much to handle with your current income. Luckily, most student loan companies are very flexible and are willing to help you in a number of different ways.

One option that you have is a forbearance. This is a popular option among student loan holders. You can actually put off your payments for a period of time due to hardship. However, this is usually not the best option as it leads to an even bigger loan balance and a higher payment. 

Another option that you have is to choose the income based repayment system. This gives you a better option than forbearance because you are not delaying the problem. You are still making a payment and lowering the loan balance a little bit as you go. This will make a big difference over the course of a year as compared to simply choosing a forbearance.

How it Works

If you let the company know that you are having problems making the payments on your student loans, they will offer some help in most cases. They will usually offer you the income-based repayment plan. This plan can be very beneficial and help you to stay within the lines of your financial obligations on the loans.

The way that the income-based system works is actually quite simple. When you first start out in your career, you will undoubtedly be making less money than you will be making later on in your career. The student loan companies understand this and they are willing to work on a graduated payment system with you because of it.

You will fill out the necessary paperwork that documents your current income and possibly some of your expenses. They will adjust your payment accordingly to this level of income. Therefore, if you are not making much money, they will allow you to pay less money on your monthly payment at this time.

As time goes by, your income will start to rise. You will advance through your company or start a different career. As you go, your income will be reported to the student loan companies and they will adjust your payment accordingly. This will lead to a steadily increasing loan payment and a much easier burden for you to bear.  


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