CLRP Eligibility Requirements for the Army Reserves

The CLRP or Military College Loan Repayment Program makes funds available to Army reservists in order to pay back an existing college loan. This program helps enlistees pay back a portion of the unpaid primary principal while allowing the service branch to attract and retain qualified soldiers.

Enlistment Period

An Army reservist must be enlisted for a period of 6 years in order to qualify for loan repayment under the CLRP. This is the minimum amount of time that a reservist must serve in order to receive payments under the CLRP.

Loan Payment

The maximum amount that is repayable under the CLRP for a reservist is $20,000. The Army Reserves will pay either 15 percent of the unpaid principal amount or $1,500 for each year of service in the reserves up to the $20,000 maximum, whichever is greater. The amount that is payable to a reservist may also be limited based on the type of job or service unit that they are assigned to.


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