Canceling a Federal Student Loan if You Attended a Vocational or Trade School

Federal student loans are available for two-year and four-year colleges and universities, but also can cover expenses for qualifying vocational and trade schools. Under certain circumstances, all or part of these loans can be canceled by the government.

Canceling a Loan

Federal student loans can be canceled under certain circumstances for volunteer work, teaching or military service. Volunteering includes working with the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, or Volunteers in Service to America. Military service has specific times of service and conditions of service, such as service in a hostile area, as prerequisites for consideration of cancellation. And teachers can qualify for partial cancellation of their federal student loans for teaching in certain fields or in low-income schools for a minimum amount of time.

Loan Forgiveness

Federal student loans can also be forgiven for other causes such as bankruptcy, the closing of your school, a false certification by your school of your eligibility, death or disability.

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