Avoiding Student Loans When Paying for Higher Education

Today, more are more students are graduating with student loans, but there are a few well kept secrets on how to avoid them when paying for higher education. The average student graduates with debt ranging between $14,700 to $70,000, depending on the institution they graduate from.  There are many options to which students can turn in order to avoid student loans when paying for their higher education.

All the Small Things

Paying attention to financial details may help reorganize your budget and manage it carefully. Start with saving the money you have, not just by having a savings account, but by not spending it on things you don't really need.

Once you are careful to keep what you have, you will see those small contributions to your savings account add up faster. If you have family and friends who can give you cash rather than other gifts, ask for those with the explanation that you are trying your best to finance your education. They will probably appreciate knowing they are helping you achieve your goals, and may even dig a bit deeper to help more. Also consider getting a job if you don't already have one.  Consider applying for a job that will give you useful skills or training.

Getting Scholarships

You don't have to be valedictorian of your class to get a great scholarship.  Good grades will help you stand out from the rest, but you must be able to show that you intend to gain something from your education.  It is important to show your personality in your essays and application.  Be ready with stories that demonstrate your best characteristics, and to give the kinds of critical analysis that make it clear you are a thinker who would add something special to the academic community.

Apply for scholarships outside the university.  You can apply with local and national organizations, they are often posted on FastWeb and College Board.  You can also research at your local library, start by asking your librarian.

Be Flexible

If you cannot collect the funds fast enough to pay for your higher education now, consider working for a year. Going abroad to work can make that year especially interesting and affordable. To make your education more affordable, you may want to consider a community college because the fees are significantly lower than four year institutions.   However, be sure the credits you need transfer to the university and degree program.

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