Are You Enrolled in a Private College? Loans and Other Types of Student Aid to Consider

Private college loans do not need to come from private lenders. You have a whole range of options to finance a private college education. Since private education tends to be more expensive than public education, however, it is important to consider the best options to reduce the total cost of financing you will face in order to attend the college. Start with the lowest cost financing options, and only pursue higher cost options to fill in gaps.

Community Grants and Scholarships

The first place to look is within your own community. Many high schools, churches and local non-profit organizations offer small grants and scholarships to students in their area. You may find even a small scholarship, such as a $2,000 grant, can significantly reduce the cost you will need to cover in order to pay a semester's tuition. Speak with your high school guidance counselor about the options. If you are an adult looking for continued education, look into local programs for your area of study. For example, some local teacher training programs offer discounts to teachers in certain math, science or language disciplines.

University Grants and Scholarships

The university or college you plan on attending will have a variety of scholarships in your area of study. Ask about academic scholarships for students pursuing your discipline. You may also find there are grants available for students from your racial or ethnic background.

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