What Type of Borrower would Require a High Risk Personal Loan?

A high risk personal loan is designed for a specific type of borrower: Individuals who have either less than the optimal track record with regards to credit or generally difficult financial situations tend to be considered a high risk borrower.

You may be considered for a high risk personal loan if you have bad credit. If your credit history shows late payments or other negative items, such as a credit score lower than 650, banks will consider you a high risk. Without a proven track record of timely payments over an extended period of time to multiple creditors, it will be difficult for you to obtain a traditional personal loan.

Individuals can also suffer from having little or no credit instead of bad credit. A borrower who has not used credit cards or taken out loans before will have a difficult time getting approved for a regular loan. A high risk personal loan may be appropriate for such a borrower. This may help the borrower to begin to build a credit history if they make timely payments.

If you are considering bankruptcy, or already have bankruptcy on your record, high risk personal loan may be suited to your needs. Information regarding your bankruptcy will show up in your credit history, and can negatively affect you. There may be specific circumstances beyond your control that could have lead to your bankruptcy, but you will still be considered a risk.

Borrowers who have little or no collateral to use to secure a personal loan may also be considered high risk. This is because there is little proof that the borrower will be able to repay the loan, aside from recorded income. Collateral, such as an automobile or a home, can make it easier to obtain a personal loan.

You may want to consider applying for a high risk personal loan if you wish to consolidate other debts, build or rebuild credit, or need to cover an unexpected emergency expense. If you do not have savings or credit cards available to assist with your financial emergency needs, a high risk personal loan may help you. If you are in a situation where your monthly expenditure exceeds your monthly income, you can obtain such a loan to assist you with any overdue expenses you may be facing.


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