What Type of Borrower Will a Single Payment Loan Help?

A single payment loan is one where the loan principal amount, plus interest, is due at maturity. Unlike an installment loan where regular payments are made until the loan is retired, there are no periodic payments made with a single payment loan. Certain single payment loans can be structured where interest can be paid on a periodic basis, such as monthly, with the loan principal due at maturity.

Who Benefits from Singe Payment Loans?

A single payment loan borrower that benefits from this type of loan is one that is in need of short-term funding. An individual or business that is anticipating a large piece of funding such as an inheritance, business loan or grant, and has a present need for funding may benefit greatly from a single payment loan. The loan allows the borrower to have use of the anticipated funds today and when due, should be able to pay the loan off without a problem.

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