What is a Military Travel Loan

A military travel loan is a type of loan that is provided to military personnel in order to help pay for travel expenses. Military travel loans are provided by a number of different lenders in the market. These loans are marketed towards active military personnel as well as veterans. These loans are only available to these individuals and are designed to pay for travel expenses that are associated with any type of trip.


With this type of loan, you can pay for a variety of different expenses. You could purchase your airline tickets with the money, pay for hotel accommodations, or pay for attraction tickets at your destination.

When you get a military travel loan, you will most likely be able to take advantage of some very flexible repayment terms. Many lenders offer interest-only payments for a certain amount of time or payment deferments.

These lenders know that military personnel have to move around frequently and they are accommodating of this fact. Other lenders would not qualify military personnel because they do not have stability in their residence for a certain amount time. Military lenders overlook this fact and look at the strength of their employer instead.

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