The Truth About Quick Easy Loans

Quick easy loans exist because of the desperation people feel when they don't have enough money to stretch between paydays, or when times are tight and payday doesn't go far enough. Unfortunately, quick easy loans often come at a very high price.

6 Truths About Quick Easy Loans

  1. The quicker and easier it is to obtain a loan, the higher the interest rate will likely be.

  2. More scams are perpetuated with quick easy loan offers than with any other kind of lending.

  3. The typical interest rate for a quick easy loan is well over 100% and can often exceed 600%.

  4. Quick easy loans that require an advance fee are almost always a scam.

  5. If the lender guarantees that you can get the loan, even before reviewing your application, be wary.

  6. If you attempt to obtain a loan from a company outside of the United States, you will lose many of the protections you have by doing business with a U.S. company, so proceed with caution.

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