Strapped for Cash? How Short-Term Cash Advances Can Help

Using a short-term cash advance has become a very popular way to get the money you need. If you are in need of cash quickly, here are a few ways that short-term cash advances can help.

Readily Available

One great thing about cash advances is that they are easily found regardless of where you are. There are currently over 10,000 cash advance merchants in the United States and many more around the world. You should be able to find one in your city or a city that is close by. Even if you do not have a cash advance merchant nearby, you can access many of them online. Online cash advance merchants offer everything that you could get from a traditional lender.

Fast Approvals

With this process, you can get the money much faster. You can complete the application process in as little as 10 minutes. Then turn in your application and they can approve it within a few minutes. From that point, the money will be wired to your account in less than 24 hours. The process of a traditional loan is much longer and requires many more details about your income and financial picture.

High Approval Rate

With short-term cash advances, you stand a great chance of approval. The lenders that offer these loans do not focus on the normal credit requirements set forth by other loans. In fact, they will usually not check your credit at all. They require evidence that you have a job and therefore, a way to pay them back. You may have to make a certain amount of money every month to qualify as well. They will also want to see that you do not have any outstanding cash advances as well. If you are working with a lender that requires collateral, they will also want to make sure it is sufficient to secure the loan. Other than that, they usually do not require much more from you to get approved.


The fees associated with this type of loan vary from lender to lender. However, you will be much better off with them if you pay off the loan by the due date. The problem that many people get into with cash advances is when they do not pay them off on time. If this happens to you, they could charge you substantial extension or late fees. These fees could add up to as much as the loan itself, making the loan double in size very quickly.

Interest Rates

While cash advances can be very helpful when you need money, the interest rates that they charge should make you think about whether you want to use them. The interest rates that are charged for this type of loan can be very high compared to other types of loans. Most cash advance interest rates are over 250% APR. The price that you have to pay for the money is very high. Make sure that your reason for getting a cash advance is worthy of paying these rates.

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