Searching for Stock-Secured Loans Online vs. Offline

A secured loan uses an asset from the borrower as collateral. Today, there are many different types of assets a lender will be willing to accept as collateral. A stock-secured loan, specifically, uses the original share certificate of a stock in order to gain financing. Both traditional and alternative lenders will offer stock-secured loans, and you have the choice of using either depending on your preferences.

Advantages of Online Secured Loans

Most people who opt to use an online lender are looking for convenience over details. You can access a number of lenders, both banks and otherwise, through online loan applications. Looking for a secured loan online will save you time, but you will not have as much personal service or attention. If you have good credit, this option may be successful since you will not have to negotiate your quotes as much. Those persons with poor to bad credit will need more negotiation, and they may be better suited for an offline lender.

Advantages of Traditional Secured Loans

Using a more traditional, offline loan will give you more face time with the lender. If you like to ask a lot of questions or plan to negotiate a number of loan terms, this is the best option for you. Bad credit borrowers may benefit most from this option. Those borrowers concerned with how their stock certificate will be valued may want to use this option in order to have more control over the process. 


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