A personal loan can include a number of lending vehicles that are designed to provide borrowers with access to cash for general purposes. In most cases, personal loans are fairly small in amount and involve fewer hoops to jump than automotive or mortgage loans. People will seek out a personal loan, unsecured or secured, for a number of reasons. Often coming with a lower interest rate than a credit card, this type of loan can be used for such things as home improvements, private purchases, vacations, educational reasons and more.

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What are the consequences of defaulting on a tenant loan?

Since the tenant loan is not tied to any particular piece of collateral, the lender cannot foreclose on anything directly. If you default on... »

Can you get a tenant loan with bad credit?

Your chances of getting a tenant loan should not be negatively affected by your poor credit. Tenant loan lenders regularly work with individuals who... »

What are the consequences of defaulting on a single payment loan?

Single payment loans carry responsibilities similar to those of any loan agreement. You must pay the balance in full by the maturity date. Since... »

Can you get a wedding loan with bad credit?

You can obtain a wedding loan or personal loan with bad credit, but the limits of the loan may be low, and your interest... »

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