Military Loan Qualifications

A military loan is available to members of the armed forces. This includes those individuals who are in active and reserve duty as well as retired career service members. The loan programs are offered through specialty lenders who work with members of the armed forces and the associated branches, which are Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps, as well as the Air National Guard.

Military Status

An applicant for a military loan must be a member of the armed forces with an active, reserve or retired status. Civilians are not permitted to apply for military loans and would need to seek a traditional consumer loan to meet their needs.  

Credit Qualifications

A lender providing military loans will require the applicant to meet the credit qualifications in order to be approved for the loan. Credit requirements vary from participating lenders that provide military loans so it is incumbent upon the borrower to check with the lender to determine whether or not they qualify for a loan with the institution.


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