How to Refinance a Private Loan With Other Lenders

A refinance private loan can help borrower with outstanding debt lower their loan’s interest rate and make their monthly payments easier to manage. A loan refinance takes advantages of lower interest rates and saves cost for the borrower. This prevents the borrower from going into a default status or otherwise unable to meet their debt obligation.

Refinancing a private loan held with one lender with another requires identification of a lender that offers a competitive lower rate and is willing to assume the debt. These steps can assist you in accomplishing a refinancing of an existing loan from one lender to another lender.

Step 1: Identify a Refinance Lender

You can search online for information on lenders in your area that offer private loan refinancing. These lenders should have a way to contact them online or by phone in order for you to obtain additional information about the lender and their requirements for a refinance loan.

You should look to do business with a lender who is local and responsive to your inquiries. The lender should publish rates on their available loans for you to use in comparison with any other lender that you contact prior to choosing the lender that can meet your refinancing needs.

Step 2: Gather Loan Documents

Gather together your personal loan documents to give to the new lender. This will make it easier for the lender to review the terms, conditions and rates of your existing loan and make recommendations for refinancing. If the lender has to contact you old or existing lender and request the information it may take longer and the delay could be costly to you should interest rates rise in the interim.

You want to cut down as much delay as you can in order to obtain an approval for your loan. Having the necessary loan documentation in front of you when you meet with the new lender will assist you immensely in the loan process.

Step 3: Apply for Refinancing

Apply for the loan that has the best rate and lowers your costs. This will require you to complete the loan application and provide any supporting documentation or additional information necessary to obtain approval. The application may involve a fee, which may be waived in some instances where the new lender may seek additional business opportunities with you. It is worthwhile to ask for a waiver of any such fees.


Refinancing a loan between different lenders can be accomplished through these steps and your persistency in accomplishing a better loan rate.


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