How Military Loans Can Help with Bereavement

Military loans provide financial relief to a military family that has recently suffered a loss of a loved one due to their military service. A bereavement loan provides funds that allow for the transition from grieving the loss of a loved one to moving on with life and readjusting to a family's new circumstance. The period typically allowed for bereavement is 90 days.

Using a Military Loan to Ease Bereavement

The amount of a military loan can provide an adequate sum necessary to pay for those obligations that occur during a period of bereavement. Coupled with any benefits a family may be entitled to under the Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance program (SGLI), a military loan can assist the family in paying off certain debts such as a mortgage or car note as well as the monthly bills for a period. The loans are interest-free, and help the family cope with a death.

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