Fast Track Secured Consolidation Loan Approval

A secured consolidation loan can be fast tracked for approval through these steps. A secured consolidation loan requires some collateral or form of backing necessary to secure the loan. This requirement may occur for borrowers who are seeking to consolidate an existing loan but whose credit rating has changed since the original loan.

Loan consolidation allows a borrower to lower their interest costs and monthly payments. This can be important for a borrower with a higher interest rate loan seeking to take advantage of lower interest rates. Having some for of pledged asset or collateral helps to lower other requirements such as high credit scores and gives the lender a way to accelerate the loan process.

Step 1: Find a Consolidation Lender

A borrower should look for a lender that has flexible terms and a willingness to work with bad credit borrowers. These lenders will extend ways for borrowers with bad credit to accomplish a consolidation loan, including the use of collateral sufficient to secure the loan amount. This collateral includes a cash-value life insurance policy or other asset with sufficient value.

A borrower should look for several lenders in which to work with and compare the requirements and terms available for a consolidation loan. This allows the borrower to choose the best lender and make a loan application.

Step 2: Determine Collateral Asset

The collateral asset should be sufficient to meet the requirements of the lender in order to secure the loan. This security will allow the lender to waive its requirements and offer fast or instant approval of your loan. This is especially helpful for borrowers with bad credit who may not otherwise qualify for a loan.

The borrower should have clear title to the collateral and it should not be pledged in support of any other loan or other requirement of the borrower. This asset needs to be made available at the time of the loan and will be attached to the loan agreement through assignment.

Step 3: Complete Loan Requirements

The borrower needs to complete the loan requirements including the loan application, promissory note, agreement and collateral assignment. This will secure the loan and the borrower and expedite the loan approval process. This can turn a loan that typically closes in 5 to 7 days into a 24 to 48 hour approval in some instances.


Fast tracking a secured consolidation loan helps the borrower relieve some of their financial burden. These steps should assist the borrower in expediting the secured loan process and provide the necessary collateral to obtain approval and lower their debt.


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