Advantages of an Emergency Cash Loan

An emergency cash loan is money lent from either a bank, credit union, or other lending company to a borrower who is in need of money fast. The borrower usually does not meet traditional loan requirements, cannot risk missing a payment, and has investigated alternative routes. Although sometimes looked down upon, emergency cash loans carry advantages that cannot be disregarded. 

No Credit Check

People that need money but have bad credit usually face difficulties when attempting to obtain loans. With emergency cash loans, bad credit is acceptable. A poor credit score will not prevent a person from obtaining an emergency cash loan.

Quick and Convenient

Although it depends on the lender, the time between a borrower's request for an emergency cash loan and the moment that the cash becomes available for use is usually under 24 hours. The borrower can apply for an emergency cash loan online, does not need to fill out paperwork, and can almost immediately withdraw the money from his/her bank account. 


Unlike with traditional loans, when taking out an emergency cash loan a borrower does not need to explain his/her intentions for using the money. The borrower gets the money and can spend it however he/she pleases. Once the money is spent, repayment must be carried out quickly. Repayment is a one time transaction. The borrower does not need to worry about having loan payments hanging over his/her head for years to come.      

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