Advantages of a Refund Anticipation Loan

A refund anticipation loan (RAL) is money that represents a tax payer's income tax return. A borrower can apply for a refund anticipation loan from a bank or lender in order to receive money before the government sends out tax refunds. For many people, the benefits of a refund anticipation loan make it an advantageous venture to explore.


Whereas the government can take weeks or months to send out tax refunds, banks and lenders can supply refund anticipation loans in a few short days. If a person runs into an emergency and needs cash in advance, obtaining a refund anticipation loan can solve his or her problems.


Unlike many other types of loans, having a bad credit history or poor financial numbers will not exclude a borrower from obtaining a refund anticipation loan. The lender knows that the borrower will have enough money to pay back the loan, because the money is coming directly to the lender in the form of a tax refund. People that have trouble securing other types of loans will be able to secure a refund anticipation loan with little trouble.

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