5 Ways to Get a $2,000 Loan

It is relatively easy to get a $2,000 loan. The rate will depend on whether or not you are putting up collateral, as well as the source you use for the loan.

1. Unsecured Bank Loan

Ask what rate your bank charges for an unsecured personal loan. Check if the rate can be lowered when your monthly payment is debited directly from your checking account.

2. Credit Card Cash Advance

Contact your credit card holder to find out the particulars of a cash advance. Make sure the rate is not too excessive. If it is, you may want to use a different source for your loan.

3. Certificate of Deposit

If you have a certificate of deposit, you can borrow against it for your loan. Contact your banker to discuss the process.

4. Stocks

Stocks can be used to collateralize a loan. Only a certain percentage of the stock's value can be borrowed against. Your banker can tell you the exact specifics.

5. Private Lender

Search online for private lenders that are legitimate. You can also check with friends and relatives, to see if they will lend you the money. Make sure you negotiate a fair rate, regardless of which private lender you select.

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