What Types of Lenders Offer Structured Settlement Loans?

Banks and traditional lenders may not offer structured settlement loans. These loans are issued against anticipated future payments from a lawsuit or even a lottery win. Unfortunately, since the payments have not yet been delivered, there is no guarantee the income will come your way. Many traditional lenders will be scared off from this option, leaving you with few other choices.

Alternative Lenders

Alternative lenders is a word used to describe the segment of the loan industry that is not insured by the FDIC. Essentially, these finance companies are entirely private and do not take retail deposits. They may be individual financiers or groups of financiers, but on the whole they have different lending practices from a traditional bank.

Lawsuit Lenders

Lawsuit lenders is a class of alternative lender specializing in loans for lawsuits, settlements and other cash advances. These lenders may also have different lending practices from a traditional bank. Namely, these types of alternative lenders may be less concerned with your credit than with the credit of the party who is paying you the settlements. As long as you have a credible source of future income, these lenders may be willing to supply you with a loan, albeit at a very high interest rate.

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