What to Include in a Credit Report Dispute Letter

Writing a credit report dispute letter is not something that anyone wants to do. The thought of someone making a mistake in your credit file is disheartening and can make you lose faith in the system when it happens to you. However, the system is still based on human recordkeeping and can be prone to human error. People make mistakes and report things incorrectly from time to time. It is up to you to review your credit report and make sure that there are no discrepancies. Writing a credit dispute letter correctly is important if you want to get the issue resolved. Here are a few things that you should include when writing a credit dispute letter. 

Personal Information

The first thing that you will want to include in your letter is your personal information. You will need to include your name, address and the last 4 or five digits of the account number in order to help creditor identify you. Do not offer your social security number or the complete account number to avoid identity theft. Be sure to include your home phone number so that they can contact with you more information.

The Facts of the Dispute

Start out by telling them the facts about what took place. Tell them exactly what the problem is in plain English. You need to let them know exactly why it is wrong and why they should fix it for you. Do not let your emotions get the best of you. If you get angry and say rude things, they will probably not be willing to help you as much. Just explain in detail exactly what happened that is incorrect on your credit report.


Explain exactly what you would like them to do. If you want it completely removed from your report because it is clearly a case of mistaken identity, tell them this. If you just need a status changed, tell them that. Do not leave any area for vagueness or questions of clarity.

Copy of Report

If you got this information off of your credit report, make a copy of the report and send it with the letter. Highlight or circle all of the areas that you are disputing so that they can see what you are seeing. Sometimes, they are looking at an updated report on their end and it can give them different information.


In addition to the copy of the report, send along any supporting documentation that you might have of your dispute. If you have financial statements that show that a company is in the wrong, do not be afraid to send them. If you have anything that helps your case, be sure to include it with the letter. The more you can sway them in your favor, the better chance you have of repairing your credit.

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