What is Credit Counseling?

Credit counseling is a service rendered by professional credit counselors to help individuals with debt-related concerns. A consumer should consider this service if they are considering bankruptcy, are unable to pay credit card bills, have late loan payments or have a bad credit report.

Advantages of Credit Counseling

Credit counseling is advantageous for consumers with credit problems. A credit counselor will devise a well thought out plan that will help eradicate existing financial problems. A counseling sessions will discuss credit and bill management and help explain how you can prevent future financial difficulties. This service can help you find remedies in severe debt dilemmas like bankruptcy and foreclosure.

Counseling Sessions

Counseling sessions can be done in various ways, depending on your preferences. You can request in person, by mail, through the internet, or by the phone. During the process, your case will be reviewed and assessed by a counselor. A financial plan based on the result of the evaluation will be developed and presented to you. Since the counseling is considered as a personal and private issue, everything that is discussed during the session is kept confidential.

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