Uncovering a Low Rate Debt Consolidation Loan Online

Low rate debt consolidation loans are easy to uncover with a little research on your part.  It's easy to begin your research for low rates with these easy instructions.

Where to Look for a Low Rate Debt Consolidation Loan

Start with a site that compares rates from dozens of lenders. You can get a great overview of what's currently available through these websites. They feature calculators to give you approximation of what your monthly payment would be under various interest rates and many other helpful features.

Check Out Websites

Narrow down your search to a handful of the lenders offering a low rate debt consolidation loan.  Go to their respective websites and thoroughly investigate the pros and cons of each.  Keep in mind that you'll want to compare the same type of information (interest rates, fees, closing costs, etc.) in each in order to reach your ultimate decision. 

Leverage Existing Relationships

Don't forget to check your current bank, mortgage lender, and local credit union.  You can do this online as well. If you are an existing customer, this may help you obtain a more favorable rate than a non-customer.

Examine Your Email Offers

Many offers come to you through your email address - and some of them may be valuable.  Don't click through any links they have, however.  Type the URL or Internet address directly into your browser and check the offer out that way.  You'll eliminate any scams and go directly to the lender's website.


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