How to Prepare for a Consultation with a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Though bankruptcy can be a stressful time for those involved, one way to lessen the stress is to be completely prepared for your consultation with the bankruptcy lawyer. Taking the time to get everything together for the consultation before you go will make the process move much smoother and help the attorney provide you with information about your case easily.

Gather all Bills

Gather all the bills you have, whether they are current or not. Having all bills on hand will help you and the attorney get a better grasp on your debts. Include utility bills so the attorney can see the cost of living expenses you must pay as well.

Copy Your Driver's License and Social Security Card

These documents will be required for the attorney to file a bankruptcy claim on your behalf. Copying the documents before you get there will save time. 

Gather Tax Returns

You will need the last three tax returns you have filed. If the attorney needs more, they will let you know. If you don't have these on hand, contact the company or person who prepared your taxes. If you filed yourself with a software, the returns should be stored on your computer, or may be available online. 

Copy Pay Stubs 

Provide copies of the last six months pay stubs for everyone who is working in the home. The attorney will be able to tell you who's pay stubs they need. If you do not have these on hand, speak to your employer's Human Resources department to see if they can provide copies to you.

Mortgage, Deed and Insurance

If you own a home, bring a copy of your mortgage, the deed and proof of homeowner's insurance coverage.

Pull a Credit Report

Get a copy of your credit report from all three bureaus. If you don't do this, the attorney will, but they will charge for it. Save yourself some time and money when you pull it on your own. Look over all three reports to verify the information is correct. Point out anything you want to dispute with the attorney.

Auto Loan or Proof of Ownership and Insurance

If you are financing your vehicle, provide a copy of the loan and insurance. If you own your vehicle, provide proof of ownership, insurance and the value of the vehicle.

Assets and Their Value

Make a list of all your assets and list their values.

Save Receipts

Start saving receipts so you can prove where your money is going and what your expenses are in case you get audited.


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