How to Check Your Credit Score

You should check credit score periodically to review what credit items have been reported on your credit report.  Your credit history should include your credit history, number of reported items, any new lines of credit and the types of credit you have established.

Credit scores range from 300 to 850 and are used by lender to determine your qualification for a loan. The Fair Isaac Corporation developed the FICO score, which is the widely used measurement of credit. As your FICO is reported to the 3 major credit reporting bureaus and by law you are entitled to a copy of it, here is a step to obtain and check your credit score.

You can go directly to one of the 3 credit reporting bureaus or myFICO and request a free credit report. Under federal law, you are entitled to 1 free consumer credit report a year. This request will give you an ideal of your credit standing and how you rate in relationship with the median score of 723.

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