Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation involves the compilation of two or more debts into a single lending vehicle. Consolidation can take on many forms, but is generally sought out to lower overall monthly payments and also to reduce interest liabilities. Debt consolidation can be achieved through personal loans, mortgage refinancing agreements and even by using lower interest rate credit cards to pay off multiple small debts. Ideally, consolidation is designed to help people get a better handle on their outstanding debt.

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What are the advantages of a loan workout plan?

The advantages to a loan workout plan will be divided between a lender and a borrower. For the borrower, there is a chance to... »

What Is a Loan Workout Plan?

A loan workout plan presents the borrower with an opportunity to repay a debt and avoid default. Loan workouts are an option once a... »

Simple Strategies to Get Out of Debt

You do not need to take extreme measures to get out of debt. Today, many borrowers look for immediate solutions through refinancing or settlement... »

Debt Arbitration and Credit Counseling Compared

Both debt arbitration and credit counseling offer you help when you have debt problems. Many people get these two things confused, although they are... »

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