Approval Guaranteed! Motorcycle Loan Application Tips

Obtaining a guaranteed motorcycle loan may be possible for people interested in purchasing a new or used motorcycle regardless of credit. Obtaining a motorcycle loan depends on a few factors related to your credit rating, the type of lender providing the loan and your ability to negotiate the terms of the loan.

Most lenders consider motorcycle and boat loans to be specialty loans and will not provide financing. Others see value in offering motorcycle loans and set up practice areas dedicated to providing financing options. Getting a guaranteed loan can be accomplished if you express a willingness to compare loan offers and challenge an offer presented from any particular lender.

Check Credit Report

Before you attempt to obtain a guaranteed motorcycle loan, you should check your credit report to determine what your FICO score is. Lenders tend to prefer to work with individuals with a score that is higher than 700, based on a score range of 400 to 900.

Checking your credit score will help you determine if there are any inaccuracies or erroneous items that need to be removed from your report.


Checking your credit report allows you to address your credit situation and clean up any items that should not be reported. Many times items on your credit report can be removed by request if you can successfully challenge its validity.


Checking your credit report may provide you with information on a debt obligation that you were unaware existed or provide you with a worse look of your overall credit situation. You should also be careful to request the true credit report that reflects your FICO and not simply your consumer credit score, which differs from the one that lenders look at.

Work with an Established Lender Network

Find an established network of lenders that provide motorcycle loans. This network has access to many lenders that are willing to provide offers that are competitive. They are interested in doing business with you so you have the flexibility to choose among different offers before deciding on the best loan option.


The advantage to working with an established motorcycle loan lending network is there ability to outreach with many lenders on your behalf in order to get you the best rate and loan offer. This will provide you with opportunities to receive a guarantee loan offer that meets your financing needs.


A lending network may provide you with a high interest rate loan based on your credit rating or terms that can cause you to go “upside down” on your loan if the interest rate is too high.

Negotiate the Loan

You should compare loan offers and be willing to negotiate with various lenders over terms that are more acceptable to you. A lender that is eager to do business with you will make the necessary adjustments to an offer in order to secure your business and extend financing to you.


Negotiating the loan will give you the ability to request terms that are in keeping with what you can afford and approve your ability to obtain a guaranteed loan offer.


The lender may pull their offer or decide not to do business with you if the nature of your counteroffer is less than what they are willing to accept to finance your motorcycle purchase.

Applying for a guaranteed motorcycle loan is possible but requires that you do some work to ensure a loan that meets your requirements and has terms and conditions that are acceptable to you.

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