4 Advantages of Getting a Retail Store Charge Card

Many businesses offer a retail charge card that can be used on their goods and services. You can use these cards for anything that you want in the store and the deals that they present are usually very enticing. Your other options are to use cash or a traditional credit card. Here are a few advantages that a retail store charge card gives you over traditional methods of payment.

1. Extra Discounts

One thing that retail store charge cards are well-known for are offering discounts. When you sign up for a charge card, it is usually the result of the person at the counter offering you a certain percentage off of your purchase. While you might be hesitant to open up an account, the discounts that you can get from opening one could be substantial. For example, they might give you 20% off of your first purchase and then periodically offer you other discounts as you go. If you are careful with your purchases, you can definitely take advantages of the savings over time.

2. Perks

In addition to the discounts that you may receive, retail charge cards sometimes throw in additional perks for free. For example, you might get something free with a purchase just because you are a card holder. You might earn reward points for all of your purchases and be able to use these reward points on a number of things. You might be able to use the rewards for in-store merchandise or even on other things outside of the store. Some retail cards allow you to use the points on travel, or other incentives. 

3. Improve Cash Flow

With a retail charge card, you can improve your personal cash flow. When you charge a purchase on your retail charge card, you will have until the following month to pay the bill. If your income is sporadic, it can be nice to have a charge card to spread out the bill a little. For example, let's say that you are paid at random times throughout the month. You know that you will have the money that you need within the next month, but you need to make the purchase now. With a retail charge card, you can purchase the goods that you need now and then pay the bill of later when you get paid. This helps you to keep your hands on the cash that you need for other things and still make the purchases that you need. 

4. Status

When you are offered a charge card with a particular retail outlet, it provides you with a certain level of status. Almost anyone can get a credit card offered to them. However, not everyone can get a charge card. It takes someone with a higher credit score and usually a higher level of income to earn a charge card. If a retail store offers you this type of card, it can make you feel good about your financial standing. 

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