3 Pitfalls of Having a Gas Charge Card

The convenience that a gas charge card offers is hard to match. You will receive discounts at many gas stations around the world and will save time and money along the way. While gas charge cards can be helpful, they are not without their drawbacks. Here are a few pitfalls that you could run into with a gas charge card. 

1. Max Out the Card

When you use a gas charge card, it is very easy to lose track of how much you have spent. Gas expenses are usually so random that most people do not know how much they spend per month. Therefore, when you constantly use your gas charge card, you could run the risk of maxing it out before your bill is due. 

Nothing can be more inconvenient than pulling up to a gas station and finding out that your charge card is maxed out. You might be on empty and desperately need the gas. However, your card limit is maxed out and you cannot buy anymore. In this situation, the convenience of a card can cause you many more problems than you anticipated. 

2. Fees

When you use a gas charge card to buy all of your gas, you are getting another company involved with your purchase. Therefore, if you forget to pay the bill or do not have the money to pay, it could cause you problems. If you miss your payment, the charge card company will charge you some large fees for being late. These fees will end up costing you quite a bit of money overall. When you pay extra fees, this actually ends up making your gas costs more expensive in the long run. Gas is expensive enough already. You do not need any help making it more costly. 

3. Overextending Yourself

When you use a gas charge card for your gas expenses, it is very easy to overextend yourself. Charging anything is basically a way to delay the payment of it. Therefore, instead of paying for the gas as you use it, the way many people do, you are actually delaying the bill until next month. If you are not used to this practice, you could be blindsided when next month actually rolls around. 

You might not realize exactly how much you spend over the course of a month in gas. Gas can be very costly and if you have a charge card, you might be tempted to drive more than your normally would. You think that you can worry about it later and you do not have to consider it now. You do not have to use up your cash and it makes you feel like you have more money than you actually do. However, you end up spending your cash on something else before the bill for the gas comes due. You then cannot afford to pay the bill and are charged late fees as a result.

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