Who Are The Best Loan Modification Companies?

There is no objective criterion established to determine the best loan modification companies.  Determining the best loan modification companies is based on the types of services they provide and success they have had in obtaining favorable loan modification terms. Here are the names of 2 loan modification companies that are mentioned on most websites offering loan modifications.


This company is an internet-based company that works with many lenders to provide fast loan modifications.  The company offers instant mortgage loan modifications and pre-qualifies a borrower in need of their assistance. They do not charge upfront fees for their services.

J. Roberts Inc.

J. Roberts Inc. provides free consultations to assess a borrower’s situation and make appropriate recommendations.  The company does not charge an upfront fee and suggests that borrowers by weary of loan modification services that charge fees. They are a law-firm loan modification company that uses their legal expertise to obtain loan modifications.