Where to Get FHA Loan Information: 7 Reliable Sources

FHA loan information is available on the Internet. Both the government website and private websites will have information about HUD, here are a few sources for FHA loan information:


The official Federal and Housing Administration information site presents a variety of information about FHA programs. The FHA has been the guarantor of mortgages made through private lenders since 1934. Since that year, through the FHA and HUD more than 34 million mortgages have been guaranteed. Currently, the FHA insures 4.8 million family home mortgages and an additional 13,000 multifamily projects.

Private Lenders

  • QuickenLoans.com -This company has nearly a quarter-century experience providing customer service as a direct lender with more than $19 billion in loans during 2007 alone. The company has been rated the nation's largest online lender according to the National Mortgage News. Navigate to the FHA page to find the information you need.
  • FHAinfo.com - This site is chock full of FHA loan information - possibly too much of a visual assault - but appears to offer everything necessary including an online question asking tool. The site provides pre-approval assessment as well links to all available FHA loan programs. Articles about different aspects of DFHA lending are also available.
  • Ditech.com - The name is probably recognizable by many due to the company's extensive marketing program. The company name was chosen based on its philosophy to provide "direct" lending using the available "technology" of the day. The site dedicates an entire section to FHA loan information that is easy to follow.
  • FHA.mortgageloanplace.com - This site has an easy-on-the-eye visual layout that dedicates an entire section for FHA loans. The site offers explanations for all different types of FHA loans available along with a pre-approval assessment and connection to an FHA lender.
  • FHAmortgagecenter.com - This is a site completely dedicated to FHA loan mortgage information and assistance. It has an easy-to-use navigation that allows site visitors to access different types of information at a glance. The site is offered by the Mortgage Research Center which claims to specialize in government loans with a philosophy to make the process putting consumers into new homes as easy and as quick as possible. The company was named one of Inc. 500's fastest growing businesses in the country in 2007.
  • FHAloancorp.com - This site begins by warning consumers that the FHA does not lend money but guarantees loans made by approved lenders. The site layout is very user-friendly. There is a left-hand side navigation bar that is clearly defined allowing users to find the link for the correct information quickly. The site also offers a testimonial feature where previous users laud the services the site provides. The right-hand side offers links to a variety of articles pertaining to FHA loan information.