What Is Mortgage Counseling?

Mortgage counseling has a variety of different connotations. The main definition would be a service, free or fee-based, that is provided to someone who is seeking advice about a mortgage. Mortgage counseling can be done by a government agency, or a public or privately owned company.


Mortgage counseling can be sought from an attorney, a counseling service or even a mortgage broker. These persons or entities will give you advice on the information you are searching for about a mortgage.

Types of Counseling

You may have a mortgage loan that you are having difficulty repaying. Mortgage counseling can help you by suggesting a course of action to take in order to alleviate your problem.

If you are just buying your home, mortgage counseling can describe the various financing products available, and how they will benefit you.

Fee Structure

Make sure you understand the costs that are associated with using a professional individual or company for mortgage counseling. Ask what these costs are up front, before you decide if it is worth the price you have to pay for the advice. You may be able to find the information you are looking for by searching the internet for mortgage advice.