What Happens During the Home Inspection?

A home inspection is required in most real estate sales. If you are a buyer, the inspection is a chance for you to assure the property you are purchasing is safe, well-maintained and worth the price you are paying.

Process of Inspection

During an inspection, a licensed evaluator will review the home's features. Common sites to inspect include roofs, windows, plumbing and water heaters. The inspector will point out any deferred maintenance and give the home an overall grade.

Terms of Inspection

When you make an offer, the offer is typically contingent on a suitable inspection. As a buyer, you should be certain to include this requirement in your offer. This is particularly important if you are purchasing a bank-owned property.

Failed Inspections

If the home fails to meet your standards, you have three primary options. The first is to ask the seller to fix the problems before you move in. You may also ask for a stipend to fix the problem based on a contractor's best estimate. This can be taken off the sale price of the home or provided to you in cash from the seller. A third option is to walk away from the deal. In this case, you may lose any money you have already placed in good faith toward the sale.