What First Time Buyers Should Look for in the Final Walk-Through

First time home buyers have a lot to worry about when they start to purchase their first home. In fact, it can seem overwhelming at times. When you find a house that you like, you want everything to work out. You want it to be perfect and for you to move in without a flaw. However, sometimes that house that seems perfect on the surface might have problems. Before you agree to purchase the house, you should allow for a final walk-through so that you can avoid any potential problems. Here are a few things that you need look for when going through the final walk-through. 

Peeling Paint

While a little bit of paint peeling might not be a big problem, sometimes it can be a symptom of a bigger underlying problem. If you are walking through the house and you see some paint that looks like it is starting to bubble and peel off, you might need be cautious. This can be a sign that the house has mold in the walls. If the house has a small leak in the roof, it can allow moisture into the attic. This moisture will then find a place to drip down and it is typically inside the walls. If moisture stays in the walls long enough, it will start to form mold. This mold can spread everywhere inside the walls and be a terrible problem to correct. Many people have spent multiple thousands of dollars to get rid of mold inside the walls. Therefore, you might want to stay away from any houses that have this problem. If you find peeling paint, you should call a professional inspector in immediately to take a detailed look at the potential problem. Even if it delays the closing a few days, it can save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

Plumbing Problems

On the final walk-through, you should most likely check out the plumbing. First make sure that the water is still turned on by the owner of the house. Then you should test everything out. Make sure that you can get hot water in the shower. Make sure that the toilet flushes. Check and see if the bathroom sink works. These might seem like small things, but sometimes sellers try to get something by you. You are going to be living in this house very soon. Do you want to call a plumber to come fix something on your first day in the house? If something is broke, you might require the seller to fix it before you will go through with the closing.

Suspicious Items

When you are walking through the house, pay attention to everything. Make sure that nothing around you seems suspicious. If the seller is unscrupulous, they could be trying to hide a problem with the house. This can save them from having to do any repairs and keep extra money in their pocket. Just make sure that you have a good feeling about everything before you leave the house.