Valid VA Loan Properties

If you are a qualified member of the military and you are interested in purchasing a new home, there are several types of VA properties you should consider before making your final decision. A VA loan can be used either to buy or build a new house, buy a condo or townhouse unit, or to buy a manufactured home with or without a lot.

New Home or Housing Unit

If you want to buy an existing home or build a brand new one, the VA offers no-down-payment loans on both types of homes for qualified military members. You can also buy a home and make some additional improvements to the property at the same time if your lender approves the proposed addition or upgrade to the home.

If you want to buy a townhouse or condo unit, they must be located in an area or complex that the VA has already determined to be appropriate.

Manufactured Home

You can use a VA loan to purchase a manufactured home. If you already own a manufactured home, you can take out a VA loan for the purpose of buying a lot on which to place the home.