The Pros and Cons of Buying a Model Home

A model home is a great way for a builder to show off their skill. They build the model home with the idea of showing it off to prospective buyers. They hope to lure customers in and get them to buy a house. However, sometimes, people actually want to buy the model house itself. While there may be some advantages to buying the model home that you are looking at, there are undoubtedly some disadvantages as well. Here are the pros and cons of buying a model home.


  • Extra features- For a model home, the builder usually wants to go all out and make it look spectacular. They want to show off their building ability and they want to excite potential customers. However, the other houses in the subdivision might not be as good as the model home. Therefore, you can sometimes get a few little extra touches thrown in.
  • Larger floor plan- In addition to having nicer features, the builder will usually construct the house on a somewhat larger floor plan. They know that they are going to have many people walk through the house and they want the house to seem big. Therefore, a model home might actually be a little bigger than the other similar houses that they are building.
  • Bargaining power- When you buy a model home from the builder, you will usually have a little bargaining power. You can use the argument that the house should not be at full price because the builder has gotten a lot of use out of it. Hundreds of people could have walked through that house which contributes to wear. Therefore, you can offer the builder lower than they would take for one of the other new houses. If the builder is getting down to the end of their subdivision, they might be ready to get out and move on to another project. Most of the expenses to make this house look good were written off as marketing expenses. Therefore, they could potentially make you a great deal on the model home so that they can close this project.


  • Rushed construction- Many times with the model home, the builder might not have taken their time on the construction. They needed to get something up quick so that they could start selling units. If they rushed through the construction process, it could potentially lead to some flaws in the house. They might be testing out a floor plan for the first time and run into problems. While they might not be apparent to the naked eye, you might have some problems somewhere in the house. Make sure that you have a building inspector come through and look at the house first.
  • Slightly used- Even though the house looks good, it has still be used by the builder. Sometimes a model home can be open for several years every day of the week. Therefore, the heating and cooling has been going for that long every day. The carpet has been walked on and worn out. All of these concerns should be addressed before you buy.