Swimming Pool Loans

Swimming pool loans are what you obtain from a lender in order to construct or renovate a swimming pool. Generally these loans are used by homeowners who want to add a swimming pool for recreational usage. The terms of a pool loan will depend on the type of loan you select, and your lender of choice.


Swimming pool loans can be obtained through a bank, pool financing company or any other financial institution that makes home improvement loans. The interest rate will vary, depending on the type of lender you use for your loan.


Adding a swimming pool usually increases the value of your home. If you take out a second mortgage or home equity loan to finance your pool, you can write-off the associated finance charges you pay on your income taxes. Consult a professional tax specialist to make sure all of the necessary qualifications are met.

Loan Terms

The interest rate you pay and the repayment term of your swimming pool loan will depend on the type of loan you take out, and the lender that finances your pool. Make sure to compare the different rates across all of your potential lending sources, to ensure the deal is the best one for you.